Marset, Spain

Marset was established in 1942 as a family business, not making lighting, but as a foundry. That foundation in casting metals did eventually segue into lighting design, however, with Francisco Marset formally establishing Marset Illuminacion in 1965. The decades spent experimenting with and molding metal translated well into the contemporary lighting industry: manipulating all kinds of materials to create unexpected, atmospheric lighting effects.

Today, based in Badalona, Spain (a suburb of Barcelona), and with showrooms now in Barcelona and New York City, Marset continues in its pursuit of creatively bringing about new lighting functions.

Marset is about more than just making great-looking contemporary lighting fixtures; it's about "taking care of light", giving it an interesting place in which to play. The fixtures themselves are clean and understated. They are designed to blend in seamlessly with contemporary settings while enhancing the overall ambiance with light (and all the nuances therein). It is all these possible nuances of light that really gets Marset excited and inspires them to such levels of creativity and technical precision in their designs.

You can find Marset lighting being represented in Copenhagen by Woodmood store.